Healthy Relationships – 4 Simple Keys to a Happy Marriage

As with anything in life that is worth having, successful and happy relationships take time, attention, and energy to develop.

To build and maintain a happy marriage, you have to take constant action and pay attention to key details that will make your relationship work.

One of the main problems in a long term relationship is that they can get boring and monotonous. Both partners get stuck in routines and forget to appreciate each other like they did at the start of the relationship.

There are some keys to a happy marriage and all long term relationships in general. There are ways that you can feel loved and maintain the intimacy and passion throughout your valuable time together without giving up on each other and hoping that next time things will be different.

Here are some key ways that your healthy relationships can last longer and have as much passion and love as you desire.

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Healthy Relationships – 4 Simple Keys to a Happy Marriage

1. Create Aliveness

One feeling that you want to have is the same feeling as newlyweds have, even if you have been together for a long time. In the beginning of a relationship you were willing to do anything for your partner. After a few months or years, you neglect things that you did and you are not willing to do anymore.

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Learning how to be able to create that aliveness again is one of the most important things you can do to maintain love and passion in a long term relationship. Do what you did at the beginning and treat your partner with the respect that you did when you first met,because if you don’t, someone else will.

2. Find More Passion

Some people are in great relationships with a lot of love in them, but they are lacking in passion. They don’t understand what the triggers are and the difference between the values and rules of creating passion in a healthy relationship.

Any experiences that they have are lacking in passion because they haven’t taken the time to find the right partner for them or they haven’t found the triggers to create that passion in their relationship. They are being something they are not and they are miserable. They sacrifice their own happiness for their partners because they don’t understand the game. They have forgotten to create intimacy, to create passion by trying new things, and exploring each others personality by spending quality time together.

The biggest change you will experience when you create more passion and reignite it in your relationship is pure joy and happiness in your life. If you’re not happy in your intimate relationship, you’re not happy no matter what. How hard you work, how much money you have and how many awards you win will not make any difference if you don’t have passion in your relationship because you don’t have anyone to share it with.

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3. Speak Up

If you consistently feel a loss of attraction in a relationship, it changes your filter on each others behavior. With the loss of attraction, there is an increase in irritations and frustrations and people start to get emotionally stacked.

People tend to hold back on their feelings and the things they want to talk about, they tend to hold back on their emotions and this holding back can grow into resentment for each other. When it starts to become a resentment of each other, you begin to complain about your partner when they do the same things they have always done.

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This built up resistances that you did not deal with in the past need to be discussed as soon as they occur. Problems should not be kept inside and internalized because they will create more unnecessary problems. By keeping feelings and your emotions kept inside, you have a tendency to lash out and create negativity in the relationship.

By expressing yourself and having the courage to speak up, you constantly clear the air and you give yourself more chances to get to know each other even better and more deeply than before.

A healthy relationship is one that has love AND passion, without settling for one or the other.

4. Master Your Emotions

If you want to change your relationship, the most important thing you have to do is master your emotions. If you cant do that, having an open and fulfilling relationship will be very difficult. The great thing is, its very easy to do when you know how.

Most people are not aware how to control and manage their emotions. Its about leadership and being truthful to yourself. The mandate for any great leadership and for anyone to lead their own life, is for them to have to see things as they are but not worse than they are.

Many people imagine their relationship to be worse than it is, they get scared and begin to tare it down. Relationships begin to break down because they make it worse than it is so they don’t have to try to make it work. They don’t want to feel that sense of rejection, they don’t want to get disappointed, they don’t want to feel that sense of failure if it doesn’t work again. Most people make it much worse than it is and their fear hinders the happiness in their relationship.

It takes no courage to be a pessimist. Its important to be intelligent in a relationship and see the relationship for what it is, and not worse than it is. Have the courage to try and improve your situation without allowing your past and your fears to make problems in your current relationship.

Every relationship and every part of life needs a controlling future. If the future is not more compelling than today, we can get there. That is what every leader does. See it better that it is today and make your future the way you see it today by having a strategy. Get excited about what you’re working towards and you will feel the power to improve your situation until you create the future and the healthy relationships that you desire.

Learn how to ignite the passion in your relationship with

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