This is the Best Mobile Phone of 2017

As each year passes, new developments are made in mobile phone technology that we are both amazed by and make us wonder how we ever lived without them. To find the best mobile phone of 2017 there are a few different criteria that need to be taken into account.

To be considered the best mobile phone for the entirety of 2017, this phone needs to be unrivalled in every way.

This means that even if a phone has the best statistics in terms of RAM, battery size, screen resolution, and its processor chip, this doesn’t necessarily make it the best mobile phone. Every characteristic of the phone has to be taken into account, and at the end, the only factor that really matters is whether the users of the phone love it or not.

This years pick for the best mobile phone stands head and shoulders above the rest. Samsung have been pioneers in many ways. Their edge screen was a first, and in 2017 the infinity screen simply blew everyone away regardless of their phones stats.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ are excellent phones with beautiful aesthetics, and a taste of the future worth paying for.

Its a gorgeous and futuristic phone, industry-leading screen, excellent and reliable camera, full-day battery, water and dust proof, wireless (fast) charging, and Bluetooth 5.0! On the downside, it won’t receive timely software updates, and fingerprint scanner location is a minor setback.

6 Reasons why the Galaxy S8 is the best mobile phone of 2017

Best Mobile Phone of 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8

Best Mobile Phone of 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Edge screen is beautiful, but annoying in two situations. It creates visual distortions a little (less than S7 Edge though). It is also difficult to hold the phone up in the air, face down (e.g. before sleep), as the phone is prone to accidentally registering side touches. A case remedies the latter problem, but I dislike putting a case on such a beautiful phone (see pro tip #1).

2. Samsung is not very good with software updates. If you take great pleasure from trying new Android in a timely manner, this isn’t for you — the only two options are iPhones and Pixels. That said, keep in mind that new software updates typically slow down the phone.

3. Fingerprint scanner location has been mentioned a gazillion times. Yes, I wish it was on the front. No, it really isn’t that bad on an S8 (S8+ is a different story). You know, we have this thing called “muscle memory”.. It took me two days to adjust to the new location, and now I have no problems. If you really hate it, try facial recognition or iris scanner, they’re very good (see pro tip #8)

samsung Galaxy S8 best mobile phone 2017 Sensors

Samsung S8 Sensors, Camera and Fingerprint Scanner

4. The phone has glass back that’s prone to cracking, so watch out if you’re clumsy. But see pro tip #1

5. S8 doesn’t have monster battery life, and it needs to be charged once a day. If you need to go past a day, look elsewhere.

6. Some are disappointed about a lack of dual-camera. Personally, the rear camera is wide enough that I am rarely in a situation where I feel the need for a wide-angle lens (like in LG). An optical zoom would have been nice (like in Iphone 7+), but not really an issue for me (see pro tip #6)

5 Unique Advantages of the S8

1. Futuristic aesthetics of a bezel-less all-screen phone. This doesn’t really improve the functionality of the phone, but there’s just something satisfying about this futuristic experience.

2. The screen is just so damn beautiful, no contest here. Always-on display is useful.

3. As of today, it’s the only phone that checks ALL of my needs: Excellent rear camera, excellent front camera (reviewers too often ignore this), water proof, dust proof, wireless (fast) charging, full-day battery life, a headphone jack, a micro SD card slot, fingerprint scanner, and after using the S8, Bluetooth 5.0!

4. Bluetooth 5.0 is amazing. S8 is a first phone to come with this, and it’s awesome. I frequently use the ability to connect to two different speakers at once, for a surround-sound like experience in my room. You can also listen to the same music with your friend in a library, by connecting to two different headphones.

5. S8 is also the first phone to come with Gigabit LTE, which is nice for future-proofing the phone, but it doesn’t quite help us yet.

samsung Galaxy S8 best mobile phone 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Best Mobile Phone of 2017

8 Pro Tips for the S8

1. Consider getting a tempered-glass screen protector (they’re better on S8 than on S7 Edge) and a Slickwraps/dbrand skin for the back. The skins make your phone look unique, improves grip, and it also helps cover up cracks if you’ve dropped your phone. Slickwraps frequently has discount promotions on their website, so watch out for that. Don’t use a case, enjoy the beautiful phone!

2. Bixby is useless, and if you’re like me, most “Smart” assistants are still generally not helpful and just raises privacy concerns. You can remap the Bixby button (as of April 2017): See here.

3. General Android tip: Go to Settings, Developer Options, set Window/Transition/Animator animation scales to x0.5 to speed things up (Google this if you don’t know what I mean)

4. General AMOLED tip: Take advantage of black wallpapers to save battery life

5. Set screen resolution up to QHD. In my experience it barely affects battery life in everyday use. Going HD will significantly improve battery life if you are a heavy gamer, or use CPU intensive apps a lot.

6. If you really miss dual-camera set-ups in other phones, consider getting a separate smartphone camera lens kit that sells for ~$20. They’re less convenient than a built-in dual lens, but on the upside they’re much more versatile and fun.

7. If you are still not convinced whether to buy S8, then wait. Most phones (except iPhones and Pixels) drop prices relatively quickly, and you may be able to snatch one up cheap refurbished in auction sites.

8. Contrary to some reviews, the facial recognition and the iris scanner are reliable and fast. In my experience, how you register your face/iris determines how effective it will be. If you wear glasses, register with glasses on. Also, register under medium lighting conditions and not in extreme conditions. You want the phone to be able to recognise you under different environments.

It’s a really nice phone, highly recommended. Check it out HERE.

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