S Health App: Why every Fitness Buff Needs it in their Lives

S Health App

S Health App

Before we start, We have to mention that we are fully aware that there are many other fitness apps out there, and they are available in the Google and iOS App stores, but were going to focus specifically on the Samsung Health app. Not just for its health purposes, although they in and of themselves are incredibly useful for tracking your exercise and keeping yourself motivated over long periods of time.

Features of the S Health App

Some of the features of the Samsung Health app include the tracking of your heart rate and different moments during your day, such as pre and post exercise and during moments of rest. This helps you see if your heart rate is reducing, and therefore you are becoming fitter as your heart beats stronger and less frequently.

The S Health app can also track your water and caffeine intake, so you can keep them both at the desired and healthy levels your body needs.

Samsung Health App: Why everyone Needs it in their Lives

Samsung Health App: Why everyone Needs it in their Lives

S Health also tracks how many hours you sleep every night. This data as with many of the other variables that S Health tracks has to be inputted manually, but when this information is stored for you and easy to review, it can help you maintain them at healthy levels.

Step, Calorie, Workout and Distance Tracker

The main feature of the S Health app is the step counter, doing away with any need for conventional step trackers. Each time you take a step throughout the day, the S Health app counts it and records it as part of your daily workout total. There are minimum numbers you should reach for, and it gives you the equivalent in KMs and how many calories you have burnt based on your height and weight. Although these numbers are not entirely accurate, even if they have an error margin of 10-15%, it is still extremely useful for someone who wants to track how many calories they are burning everyday and how many steps they have taken as part of their workout plan.

The S Health app also tracks whether you walked or jogged your steps, meaning it varies how many calories you burned based on the type of steps you were taking.

As part of a healthy weight loss plan, the S Health app is a very useful tool. Anyone wanting to reduce their weight and body fat will know that they should take in less calories than they use. The S Health app can help both your calories lost and calories taken in. By using the app, maintaining regular exercise and burning more calories than you take in, the S Health app will undoubtedly help you lose weight and become overall more healthy.

S Health App Step Calorie Workout and Distance Tracker

S Health App

The steps that are tracked can be used as a way to motivate yourself to keep to the same level everyday or beat and exceed that every day or every week. Although this cant go on indefinitely, this is another way that you can motivate yourself to exercise more and beat yourself each day,

When you’re done with only competing with yourself, the S Health app also tracks your friends who also have the app, as well as all the users of the app globally. There is a chart of your friends steps, as well as everyone who is using the app worldwide, so you can see exactly where you are. Of course there is no denying that they are cheats out there,and those who are able to do millions of steps a week are cheating the system and themselves, most of the users of the app are honest and you can see exactly how you are placed both globally and among your friends.

Use the S Health app to improve your health and achieve your fitness goals.

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