Effects of Alcohol on Society – Why You Should Stop Drinking

Why You Should Stop Drinking Alcohol

Although in moderation, some wines have been known to have certain health benefits, are these health benefits more or less in the consumption of the fruits themselves? Does one need to drink wine to be able to enjoy certain joys in life that are not attainable without it? Or is it that wine and alcohol in general are distractions, inhibitors, and create weakness in society?

The consumption of alcohol appears to only have negative consequences. If you were to ask someone to mention some benefits to drinking alcohol, they may say the following:
– It makes people more sociable
– It loosens people up so they can dance and enjoy themselves in parties and clubs
– It relaxes people after a particularly stressful day or a particularly difficult moment
and so on.

The arguments for alcohol seem to be one of the above or similar to one of the above statements. People argue for the consumption of alcohol based on these qualities, and feel that someone without alcohol could not enjoy the same results without it.

Effects of Alcohol on Society

This of course is not true. When talking about alcohol creating weakness in society, we are referring to peoples reliance on it to achieve certain mental and physical states. Those such as feeling more relaxed, more sociable, less self conscious, and so on. People who consume alcohol, through no mental or physical exertion, through no good actions, good thoughts, or good behavior, can achieve a great amount of benefits from simply drinking alcohol. By drinking alcohol, someone who has not done anything good for anyone all day can simply enjoy a drink and become relaxed, mentally calm, and physically comfortable.

By being able to drink alcohol to achieve these states, people can act in toxic ways to themselves and those around them without having to deal with the mental guilt that is inherent in all humans. Alcohol is their way of bypassing this and they can live a negative and destructive life because at the end of the day, they can have a drink or a few and enjoy a good nights sleep. They can also go out, have a drink to forget any insecurities, worries, anxieties, or fears they may have, and become sociable and be able to enjoy themselves or so they believe.

For those who benefit from people drinking alcohol, the establishments that sell them, the stores that stock them, the businesses that manufacture them, the organizations that market them, and the governments that collect huge taxes on them, people drinking alcohol is great and they want to keep encouraging them to do it.

For society as a whole, on the other hand, the consumption of alcohol is not only a waste of money, but it holds people back in their attempts to build genuine self confidence, self esteem, and grow up into mature adults. Alcohol is constantly used to mask and bury problems that have to be dealt with, but with the aid of alcohol, people are able to continue to live unhappy lives and enjoy certain moments when they are drunk.

It would be far more beneficial for society if people were forced to face their problems head on without the possibility of using alcohol to cover up for their deficiencies. When alcohol is not available, you are forced to live a productive, fulfilling and happy life to be able to function, to be able to sleep soundly and be able to earn a living. When alcohol is not so freely available, people are forced to become better people, learn to deal with their emotions and become more self disciplined. They are forced to manage their emotions so that they don’t need alcohol to ‘loosen them up’ or make them more sociable.

Alcohol, in general, is not useful or necessary for a happy and healthy society. There are those who will argue that a drink or two at a party can’t hurt anyone, but the counter argument would be, what is the point of it at all? If someone needs it to allow them to feel a certain way, then this deficiency needs to be worked on and they need to remove their reliance on a substance to be able to function in a normal way.

Just like a drug dealer wants you to keep coming back for his supply, alcohol manufacturers are always looking for newer ways to get you to drink more of their product, and all of those who benefit from it aren’t going to tell you otherwise.

The truth is, alcohol only has negative consequences for those who drink it, so removing it from normal society isn’t a bad thing.

Not to mention drinking and driving accidents.

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  1. jk says:

    It’ll never work to ban alcohol but people should be aware of its effects

  2. Tariqul Morshed says:

    I used to drink alcohol quite heavily but when I saw what it was doing to my life, I completely cut it out and decided to turn my life around. I couldn’t agree more

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