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Being overweight is one of the biggest causes of health problems affecting people from all walks of life, and living an unhealthy lifestyle not only affects you physically, but mentally and spiritually too.

One of the best decisions you can make, if you’re overweight, is to reduce your body fat and replace that with lean muscle.

Here we’re going to give you basics of how you can start to lose weight and gain muscle.

What is the Best way to lose Weight and gain Muscle?

Now that you’ve made the decision to lose weight and gain muscle, the first fact that you need to know is that there are no shortcuts. There is an efficient way of doing it that ensures the weight stays off and you feel good but its not going to be fast. This will take months of working out and constant effort. Patience is going to be key and perseverance in your new endeavor will be very important in ensuring that the weight stays off and you gain some lean muscle.

Those who look for shortcuts may find a way to lose wight very fast, but the weight will simply come back and they would have wasted their money on some magic caffeine pills or drastic and dangerous surgery. This may solve the physical issue, but it hasn’t fixed the lifestyle and mental issues that made you overweight in the first place. You will keep making the same bad decisions and you’ll be overweight again.

As this post is about the best way to lose weight, we’re not going to talk about any pills or surgeries. This is a slow but sure way that you’ll weight and the weight will stay off. One thing you should know that the best way to lose weight is no necessarily the easiest or the quickest way.

If you’re committed to losing weight, you’ll find the information in this post useful. To make it easier to follow and to incorporate into your life, we’ve broken it down into some simple steps that you can implement straight away.

How to Lose the Weight and Gain Lean Muscle

1. Walk for 60 Minutes a day

To help you lose weight you will need to engage in some low impact cardio training. Walking is by far the best way to do this, although cycling is also effective. As most people don’t have bicycles and many cities don’t yet have well maintained cycling routs, we recommend walking.

Not only is it a fantastic way to get your low impact cardio workout for the day, its also a great way to get some fresh air and spend time in your local park or beach.

2. Jog as you Walk

During your regular walk, a quick job during the walk is a great way to push your heart rate up and get you sweating. If you’re just starting out and regular exercise has not been a part of your life, jogging may be difficult at first. We recommend you use interval training techniques to ease yourself into it.

As you’re walking, begin to jog and count your steps to 100. When you’ve reached one hundred jogging steps, slow down and return to your walk. Again, count to 50 walking steps and begin jogging again, counting your jogging steps up to 100 and continue this process. Your rest steps can go up to 100 at first.

The important thing is your workout includes some form of interval training. This is also a great way to break up your workout.

3. Do Weight Training on Key Areas of Your Body

If you’re looking to lose the weight faster, you have to commit yourself to working out at least 6 days a week. To reduce the fat and gain muscle, you have to allow your muscles to repair after your workout for at least 48 hours which means your muscles need a days break. To help you workout more regularly, you have to change your muscle gaining workout each day.

One day should focus on your chest and triceps as well as your shoulders. The next day should focus on your back muscles and your biceps. Your legs and abs can be done in addition to any of those days, with one day break for them also.

Check out this post for great chest and back workouts. Here for Abs and Legs.

The best time for your weight training workout is after you’ve warmed up your body with a light jog. A great way to lose even more weight and get the most out of your workout time is to use the breaks in between your workouts to do some light cardio workout. Jumping on the spot or jogging on the spot is a great way to do this.

During your entire workout, this can count for an addition 20-30 minutes of cardio depending on how many sets you’re doing.

4. Control your Diet

An obvious and very important part of your fat loss program is your diet. You probably have an unhealthy diet at present filled with too much sugar, carbohydrates, and fat. Depending on your level of commitment, you have to reduce the intake of these as much as possible. Reducing your sugar intake will not only help you lose weight but it will make you happier and look younger. Carbohydrates like bread, rice, potatoes and noodles should be eliminated if possible.

If you really like your carb rich snacks, eat them around 90 minutes before you begin your workout to give you more energy.

Fat is required by your body but it’s best to reduce your overall fat intake and swap saturated fats for unsaturated fats. Saturated fats are found in many sweet and savoury foods such as chocolate and meats such as sausages and bacon. Unsaturated fats are found in nuts and fruits such as the avocado.

Try to take smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to one large meal and cut out confectionery snacks and replace them with fruit. Dried fruits and dates are also a great way to satisfy your hunger but they should not replace regular food.

Increasing your protein intake after your workouts ensures that your body gets what it needs to grow lean muscle. The protein should come from lean meats, vegetables and low fat milks and yogurts. Immediately after your workout, you should take protein in a form that can be absorbed by your body quickly, such as from low fat milk. This should be followed by a meal high in protein such as a lean chicken steak and steamed vegetables.

5. Never Stop

Many of you may think that you can do this for a short amount of time and then stop when you reach your desired goals. That’s not the case. Towards the beginning of your plan to lose weight and gain muscle you may be more intensive in your workout and diet control As you reach nearer to your goal you will have more room for eating more and working out less, but you can never go back to your old lifestyle again. There may be splurges and the occasional weekend off from exercise, but a more active life and a healthier diet will be a part of your life going forward.

As you progress you will find new and innovative ways to workout and new and healthy food you can add to your diet. You will being to enjoy them more than any other food you had before and the mere thought of going back to your old lifestyle will not seem plausible.

There will be times that you will want a burger meal and coke. You’ll want a bar of chocolate and don’t want to have to do any cardio that day. As you progress, you will never lose sight of your goal and you’ll be conscious of times that you splurged. As long as you’re willing to accept that you will have to wait longer to get to where you want to be, the occasional deviation can be acceptable.

Useful tools such as the S Health app and other step and calorie counting apps can be incredibly useful in tracking your calories burned and how your cardio workouts compare each day. Use these health apps to ensure you don’t get lazy and try to beat your steps each day or week. The step counters will help you track how man calories you burn each day, and as long as your body is using more than it takes in, you’ll be losing weight.

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