The Importance of Running – 7 Life Changing Benefits of Jogging Regularly

The Importance of Running

For anyone looking to improve their fitness and general health, finding the motivation to work out can be the first hurdle to overcome. Most people are aware of the health benefits of running and general exercise, but when it comes to taking action, they procrastinate and make excuses as to why they can’t start now.

The truth is, when you make the decision to get more fit, the most important step is to take action immediately. We’ve written about how to get motivated to work out and the most important step is to commit to exercising no matter what.

After you make that commitment, the first exercise most people are capable of doing is brisk walking, whereby you walk at a generally faster pace that you would normally. Brisk walking is an Olympic sport known more commonly as race walking. The main difference between brisk walking and jogging is that one foot is always touching the ground when you walk, making the impact on your legs far less when compared to running.

Brisk walking is usually recommended for anyone looking to start working out. You begin to workout your leg muscles, your heart,and lungs, getting them ready and prepared for more strenuous activity.

After a few sessions of brisk walking, for up to 45-60 minutes each time, you can incorporate some jogging with your brisk walks. Doing some interval jogging and brisk walking, you can build up your endurance and ability to jog for longer periods of time. It is always best to start warming up with a brisk walk and gradually transition into a jog, taking short brisk walking breaks in between.

This is the best way to begin jogging, if you are not already doing so. Use a fitness tracker or a step counter to track your progress everyday, and stay motivated by trying to beat your daily, weekly, or monthly performance.

Now that you’ve started jogging, you can enjoy the many benefits of running on a regular basis, such as improved physical strength, more energy throughout the day, weight loss, a healthier immune system and many others. By committing to a workout routine that involves jogging, preferably every day, you can continue to enjoy the many benefits of running as well as improving your general fitness.

7 Life Changing Benefits of Jogging Regularly

Here are some of the main benefits of running regularly, if you’re still looking for some motivation to work out.

1. Weight Loss

Working out and running on a regular basis is one of the best ways to lose excess fat and gain some lean muscle. For anyone looking to develop a better body through exercise and diet, brisk walking and jogging are the best and most practical ways that you can achieve it.

The act of running helps your body break down fat and you can burn around 800 calories per hour by jogging.

2. Building Physical Strength

One of the main benefits of running is the building of lower body strength. Running also strengthens your tendons and ligaments which not only benefits your joints now, but also when you are older. As a jogger now, you will benefit from requiring less assistance moving and walking, enabling you to take care of yourself.

Joggers enjoy better physical strength and more energy throughout the day due to the muscles they develop when jogging.

Beach Body benefits of running3. Increased Bone Density

Another one of the great benefits of jogging is an increase in your bone density. When you run frequently, your body sends essential minerals to your bones to help make them stronger.

Any time that your bones are under stress, your body acts to strengthen them and as running stresses your bones, these additional minerals will increase the density and therefore the strength of your bones.

4. Feeling Happier and More Relaxed

As any runner will tell you, the act of running is not only a great way to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts, it also prompts the release of certain chemicals that make you feel happier.

There are happy hormones that are released when you run, called endorphins, that are primarily used to reduce the feeling of pain in your body after exercise but can also make you feel more relaxed and calm.

Running is a great way to manage your stress levels and fight off any feelings of depression naturally.

5. Prevents High Blood Pressure

One of the other main benefits of running, and one that can potentially save your life, is the reduction in your blood pressure.

High blood pressure can cause strokes, due to blood clots forming as well as damaging and weakening your brains blood vessels that can rupture or leak. Keeping your blood pressure low naturally is one of the best ways to protect yourself and jogging regularly is a great way to do that.

6. Stronger Immune System

Regular runners suffer less from minor illnesses due to a stronger immune system. Running regularly from anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes can strengthen your immune system, helping you to fight those minor colds and illnesses that most people get on a regular basis.

7. Reduce the Effects of Diabetes

As well as the benefits of jogging that we’ve already mentioned, running regularly also helps to reduce the diabetic resistance to insulin and helps runners to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Overall, running is a great activity to engage in, preferably in the morning. Going for a 30-45 minute jog in the morning is a great way to start the day strong, have more energy throughout the day, and enjoy the many benefits of jogging mentioned in this post.

*Bonus Benefit

While running, you can engage in some essential learning, by using the time to listen to a self development or business audio book. As we recommended, the best way to start the day is by working out, and by incorporating an audio book into your work out, you will form a great success habit and start your day off like a champion in the making.

Free Audible Audio Books Benefits of Jogging

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