Successful Character Traits – 5 Steps of Building a Positive Personality

A positive personality and positive character traits will have the greatest impact on your success and happiness than any other factor. So it would seem logical to study the positive character traits of successful people and find out what you can do to apply them to your life.

Your job is to be the best that you can be, and as your diet affects your physical health, what you consume mentally has a great impact on your personality too. When you feed your mind with positive ideas and information such as books and success orientated programs, you build a more constructive and positive personality for yourself.

When you make a clear decision that you will take complete control over your mind by removing all negative thoughts and being completely positive, you can actually completely transform yourself.

Mental fitness is like physical fitness. As exercising develops your muscles, habits and repetition develop your minds ability to eradicate negativity to build a positive personality and successful character traits.

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There are some steps you can take to become a completely positive person who lives and breathes success. Here they are.

Successful Character Traits – 5 Steps of Building a Positive Personality

1. Positive Self Talk

Speak to yourself positively. Control you inner dialogue and use affirmations, positive statements that build your self confidence and keep you acting and feeling positive. How you talk to yourself as you go about your day greatly influences how you feel and act.

Your inner dialogue, the stream of thoughts that flow through your mind throughout the day, needs to be controlled and managed to ensure that you talk to yourself in a positive way. If you fail to regulate your inner dialogue, it will revert back to words that cause you anxiety and make you feel negative.

Your mind needs to be consciously filled with positive thoughts or it will fill itself with thoughts that cause you worry, anxiety, and negativity. You must deliberately fill your mind with seeds that grow into positive self talk and thoughts of success and triumph.

You must think positive thoughts and take care of them, and whenever negativity creeps in, remove it from your mind and replace it with positive affirmations and encouragement.

As with any new habit, this will take time to develop. Make it a part of your daily success habits and be persistent until it becomes a part of who you are.

Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization

2. Positive Visualization

One of the most powerful abilities that you have is the ability to visualize and to see your goals as already accomplished and your life as ideal in the way you want it to be.

The best way to do this is to create a picture of the life that you want to accomplish, a life that is your definition of success, and continuously replay this image in your mind over and over again.

Any improvement in your outer life is only possible with an improvement in your inner life. You need to develop a clear picture of your life how you wish it to be, and think about it constantly. This will have a great impact on how you act in your outer life.

As you see yourself on the inside having accomplished your goals, you begin to be the person you need to be to do so. You will begin to build the characteristics and positive character traits that you need to reach your mental picture.

3. Positive People

The people who you choose to live with, work with, and generally associate with will have more of an impact on your emotions and your chances of success than any other factor. The people around you can have an impact on your self talk and mental pictures.

The best thing you can do right now is to associate with winners. People who already have great personality traits and the positive character traits that you would like to develop. Surround yourself with happy people, people who are excited about life and about accomplishing their own goals.

Avoid negative people at all costs. Negative people are the primary source of negativity in the world and they should be avoided or removed from being able to have any influence on your life.

This decision alone can transform your thinking.

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4. Positive Information

You can control the information that you feed your mind with. Your mind is healthy to the level of the positive information that it is fed with. Read books, magazines and articles that are motivational, inspirational and educational. Feed your mind with ideas and information that are uplifting and make you feel happier about the possibilities in your future.

Use any spare moment to take in as much positive information as you can. Listen to audio programs when you are in your car or exercising. Feed your mind continuously with positive messages that help you feel and act better and enable you to construct positive character traits. Watch positive and educational programs that enrich your knowledge and make you feel good about yourself.

Dedicate yourself to learning and growing. Your personal development should be your priority and part of your daily success habits.

5. Positive Health Habits

As you’re taking care of the information that you feed into your mind, you should be taking care of the food that you feed your body.

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Eat the best foods that are healthy and nutritious. Eat sparingly and enough to ensure your body gets what it needs. An excellent diet will have a great impact on your thoughts and feelings.

As well as eating the right foods, you have to ensure that you get enough exercise every week. Get yourself motivated to workout regularly, preferably everyday as part of your daily routine. Find out how to lose excess weight and gain muscle instead.

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Get educated on healthy eating habits and join a gym. Resolve to attend the gym and make it a part of your life to get fit and stay fit. When you exercise on a regular basis, you feel happier and healthier, and have lower levels of fatigue. As well as exercising, make sure you get enough sleep and rest everyday.

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By using the steps outlined here, you are giving yourself the best chance to develop positive personality traits and attract success and financial freedom into your life.

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