4 Success Habits – How to Build Confidence and Self Esteem

There are many positive character traits that you can develop to build self esteem and confidence. Knowing how to build confidence can make the difference between success and failure, so taking the time to develop your confidence and self esteem will be the best use of your time possible.

By developing your self esteem and increasing your self confidence, you improve the way you get on with other people and build healthy relationships.

As well as increasing your own self confidence and self esteem, you need to develop your ability to help improve it in other people. By meeting the deep subconscious needs of others, the need to feel important, valued, and respected, you can build long lasting relationships with the people around you.

Here are the four ways you can build self confidence and self esteem in yourself and others.

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How to Build Confidence and Self Esteem in All Your Relationships

1. Be Agreeable

The first behavior is a simple one. When you nod, smile and agree with the person you are talking with, they will feel more valuable and respected by you. They will feel that what they have to say is important, and they will feel important in themselves.

Some people like to be argumentative and debate others regardless of whether they agree with what they are arguing about or not. They just argue for the sake of arguing and therefore find themselves spending a lot of time alone. People avoid them. Regardless of the fact that they may win most of the arguments, they are losing the attention and time of others.

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By being agreeable, you will surround yourself with people who will treat you in kind and improve not only your self confidence and self esteem, but that of your colleagues and partners.

2. Practice Acceptance

The second self esteem and confidence building behavior that you can develop is pure acceptance.

When you are in contact with someone, its important to express genuine and unconditional acceptance of them. By doing so, you raise their self esteem and self image, and you’ll make them feel more relaxed and secure in your company.

3. Just Smile

The third behavior that you can use to build self esteem and confidence in yourself and others is very simple. Just smile.

A genuine smile is a very powerful tool and it portrays many positive attributes to the people you direct it to. When you smile at someone else, they feel valuable, more important and worthwhile. When you help raise the self esteem of others, you do the same to yourself and it can be as simple as smiling.

4. Express Gratitude and Appreciation

Success Habits - How to Build Confidence and Self EsteemWhenever you show genuine appreciation and gratitude towards another person, you make them feel more self confidence, you raise their self esteem and their feeling of self worth. By simply thanking someone for something that they have done, you raise their self esteem. Develop the habit of saying thank you to everyone for even the smallest of gestures.

Not only can you say thank you, but you can send thank you notes. Sending thank you notes are one of the most powerful relationship building techniques you can use to surround yourself with valuable people who can help you to achieve your goals.

People who are the happiest in their lives are those who are genuinely grateful for the things that happen to them and for the people who they come across.

When people are genuinely praised by someone they respect, their enthusiasm and alertness increases and they feel better about themselves.

Learning how to build confidence and self esteem in yourself and others is not a quick process, it is a constant effort developed through persistence and patience. By committing yourself to helping others and in turn helping yourself, you will build stronger and healthier relationships and live a more fulfilled life.

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