Self Motivation – 3 Steps to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated for Success

The Power of Self Motivation

Did you know that you can be completely self motivated by structuring your life in a certain way?

In success psychology, there are some simple steps that people can take to become more successful and achieve their life goals. By learning the skill of self motivation, you develop the power the get motivated and stay motivated no matter what is happening around you.

Like any skill, learning how to be self motivated comes from educating yourself and developing the habits through self discipline that enable you to persevere through the hard times and create the life that you want.

In this post, we’re going to outline some key steps that have been proven improve peoples motivation, especially their ability to be self motivated without any need from outside help.

Self Motivation – 3 Simple Steps to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated for Success

Brain Tracy - Goals - Goal Setting and SMART goals1. Have a Clear Vision

The first step for being abundant in self motivation is to have a clear vision of what it is you’re trying to do and create in your life. By knowing where you’re headed, you can align all of your thoughts and actions in to achieving this goal.

It doesn’t matter how expensive and powerful your plane is, if the pilot doesn’t know where he’s going, they will just fly around aimlessly and eventually run out of fuel.

By having a clear sense of purpose, you know your destination and you can begin to take the steps each day down that road to get to where you want to be. The key to self motivation is being able to see your goals clearly, in writing and in your imagination or a regular basis, so you can get motivated and stay motivated during the tough times.

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2. Track Your Progress

As you work towards your goal, find ways that you can track and measure your progress as you go along.

In marathons, the organizers provide markings throughout the race so that the runners know how far they have already gone and how much further they have to go to reach their goal.

For unparalleled self motivation, get yourself motivated by having success experiences. You have to actually have a success or achieve a goal to feel successful, and by having a clear beginning and end, you can celebrate small successes as you inch closer to your goal.

This is a great self motivation tool, as jobs that have no clear beginning and end cause people to become negative and discouraged.

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3. Reward Yourself

The Motivation Manifesto - Self Motivation and How to Get Motivated and Stay MotivatedThe last step for achieving success and self motivation is to give yourself rewards of some kind. The rewards can be of any kid, whether it be a trophy or certificate, although the best rewards are financial. The key is that if you work in a job that doesn’t provide these rewards for you, you can provide it for yourself.

You should give yourself a reward or a series of rewards as you move closer towards your goal. You can go for a nice dinner, a movie, or buy yourself a small gift. If you reach a  big success, treat yourself to a vacation, get a new car, or buy some new clothes.

Before you begin working towards a big goal, you should determine the reward you’re going to give yourself when you achieve that goal.

This will motivate you 24 hours a day and make you feel like a winner when you finally reach your goal. By implementing these steps, you will be a king of self motivation and never lack in the ability to get motivated and stay motivated in working towards your goals.

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