Self Control – 5 Steps on How You Can Master Self-Discipline

The Power of Self Discipline No ExcusesSelf discipline and effective self control are two of the greatest secrets in unlocking your full potential. It is becoming more and more difficult to maintain self discipline in this constantly distracted world. To achieve success and fulfillment in life, you must master self control and self discipline and create your best self.

Why are Self Discipline and Self Control so Important?

Have you ever done something that you later regretted? Moments like these are usually down to the lack of self discipline and self control. They key is to have mastery over yourself and your emotions so you can do whatever you want to do in each moment without temptation and laziness getting in the way.

Self discipline lets you grind it out in every aspect of your life, such as studying and work, even when you don’t feel like it.

It allows you to consistently maintain your routines that help you to achieve your goals. It allows you to live your life the way you want to. Having more self discipline and self control gives you better results in school, work, and your relationships.

There are a few theories about how self discipline and self control work.

The most prominent theory is the ego depletion model of self control, which states that the brain is like a muscle, with a limited supply of strength that can be depleted. No one is disciplined all of the time, and lapses occur when the discipline muscle is fatigued. Various studies have demonstrated that certain types of mental exertion can compromise subsequent acts of discipline.

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We do not have infinite reserves of self discipline and self control. It is important to cultivate this in yourself, and there is a proper way to harness it and use it effectively. Without discipline, you are letting your life be controlled by emotions, which is like letting your life be controlled by someone else.

You can do something when you feel like it, or you can do something until you begin to feel like it. The second method is the one method that gets things done.

There are 5 simple steps to cultivating and developing your self discipline.

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Self Control – 5 Steps on How You Can Master Self-Discipline

1. Start Small

There are many grand ideas and lofty goals that we each have. The key to working towards them is to start small. If your goal is to lose weight, do not start by saying you want to lose one pound of fat a week. Starting with such a difficult goal is setting yourself up for failure. Start by limiting your sugar intake, and drinking more water. Once you have mastered that, cut out deserts and snacks, and step by step improve your diet.

By starting out with the smaller steps and celebrating small victories, you build momentum and competence to continue to move forward.

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2. Practice Daily

By starting small, you should have no problem practicing your self discipline on a daily basis. By doing so, you’re building good habits. We are all creatures of habit. So no excuses, make it happen.

3. Ramp it Up

After you have mastered the smaller tasks and built your own self confidence and self discipline, its time to slowly ramp it up. If you started walking daily for 20 minutes, increase it to 30 minutes and then to 40. Then start jogging and running faster and faster. Increase the intensity of your workouts and step by step you will be working out more than you ever thought you could,

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4. Make it Easier on Yourself

You should make it easier on your future self by doing what you should do right now. By procrastinating, you are mฟking it difficult for yourself in the future. Plan ahead and put yourself in situations that are more conducive to achieving your goals and sticking to your habits. Its easy to avoid junk food and drink only water when you are not starving or dehydrated. The times you are most likely to fail are when you don’t have healthy alternatives and you are left with the choice of eating either junk food or being really hungry.

Similarly, if you don’t buy junk food and don’t keep it in the home, it will be much easier for you to refrain from eating sweets and snacks when you do get the hunger pangs.

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5. Build the Right Systems

At the end of the day, we are humans and our emotions and impulses hold great eight in our behaviors. Therefore, incentivize yourself with rewards and discourage undesirable behavior with consequences. Celebrate small victories and set yourself small punishments if you don’t do what you are supposed to do.

6. The Misconception of Only Doing What you Love

One of the most misunderstood concepts that is constantly repeated is that you must do what you love. No matter what you do, there will be things that you enjoy and things that you do not. People often get turned off by the things they don’t enjoy and they give up on the whole idea. The key is to love the whole process. No matter what you choose to do, there will always be aspects that you will find strenuous. This is when self discipline comes in to play.

Having good self control means you can get through the aspects you don’t love so you can keep doing what you must do to get the life that you want.

Seeing yourself as you improve will be immensely awarding, and having self discipline and self control will help you to get there.

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