How to Build Confidence – 4 Keys of Self Confidence

350x250 The Science of Self-ConfidenceEveryone wants to have more self confidence and be more popular with others. You can become a more confident, self assured, and charming person so you can be more welcomed by the people who you interact with.

One of the deepest human desires is the desire to feel important. When you go through life building self confidence and making other people more important and valuable, they will like you and make you feel more welcome in every interaction.

This is how to become popular and build self confidence in both your professional and personal life.

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If you are in business or you want to start your own, improved self confidence will help you in every business situation. Any time you have to interact with a client, a prospective investor, or colleagues, being more charming and likable is a valuable asset that will pay back dividends if you work to build confidence in yourself and others.

If you work in sales, the way your customers feel about you, will determine how many sales you are able to make.

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In your social life, learning to be more charming will make you more desirable, influential and popular. In all interactions, people will usually forget what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.

How to Build Confidence – 4 Keys of Self Confidence

– Smile

An open honest smile will warm peoples hearts and make them feel important. People need to be accepted, and a warm smile tells them that you accept and like them.

– Appreciation

Promote high self esteem and appreciation in others. Everyone loves being appreciated for something. When you thank someone, you make them feel important and happy. You increase their desire to want to help you in whatever way they can.

– Give Genuine Compliments

Whenever you admire the possessions, character traits or accomplishments of others, give genuine compliments. Compliment peoples clothing, their homes, cars, qualifications and anything else that you find admirable about them.

Build other peoples self confidence and self esteem by complimenting a job well done. When you praise other people, you build their self confidence by making them feel more important and they will love to be around you.

the power of charm build self confidence

The Power of Charm

– Listen Closely

Give people your full attention. People feel valuable and important to the degree that they are listened to and respected. Whenever you listen to another person who is talking, their self esteem goes up. They feel good about being in your presence. You always pay value by listening attentively, and when you do, they begin to find you charming.

You should go through life looking for little opportunities to make people feel valuable and special. Smile at them, thank them regularly, compliment them sincerely, praise them whenever you can, and listen to them when they speak. You will build self confidence and high self esteem in yourself and in those around you.

Soon, all those around you will see you as a charming person who they want to be around. By practicing these 4 simple behaviors, you can practice with every person to make him or her feel more important.

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