How to be Successful by Living a Simple Life – 7 Simple Living Tips

Living a simple life is characterized as living without distractions and focusing on what is important to you. Living simply can be defined as simply living, with all of your actions and the contents of your life being there to aid the achievement of your life goals.

A simple life does not mean not doing anything and just letting life pass by.

Many people live life filled with distractions and noise. Constantly checking their phone for the latest message and notification, listening to music and talking pointlessly, without a single thought as to why they’re doing anything. Life is not about passing through it. It can be, but the possibilities that you have are so abundant, that if you didn’t make use of them by setting some goals and working towards them, you can say that you wasted your life.

The points below give a step by step guide as to how you can live a more simple and abundantly more productive life by focusing on what is important, and cutting out the fat.

How to be Successful While Living a Simple Life – Simple Living with theImportance

1. Identify your core values.

Find out what your life needs to include for you to live a happier life. You have to find out what your core values are. If you could do one thing in life, what would it be? What do you stand for?

Your values are almost always expressed in their purest form when you are under stress. You have no filter in these moments. What made you stressed?

Your core values can make you happier than any other thing. What do you do that gives you the most joy? Very often this is the indicator of what you should be doing today and cut out everything else.

Simplify Your Life - SImple Living Tips

Simplify Your Life – Simple Living Tips

2. Your Time is Running Out

Time is the only resource in your life that you can not get more of. After this day has ended, you will never get it back and after this year has ended, it has gone forever. Eventually, your time will end.

Ask yourself what you would do if you only had 6 months left to live. What would you do with your time? What if you only had 6 weeks, or 6 days?

3. Use Your Fears

Fear can come in many forms. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of fear itself. What would you do in life if you had no fear of failure and no chance of failing? If you were guaranteed to succeed, what would you go for? This is what you should be focusing on.

4. Live for Now

Many people live with the “Someday” philosophy. Someday I’ll get there and do ……. Don’t live for that day, live for today. What can you do right now to ensure you’re one step or more closer to being where you want to be. Don’t go to sleep until you’ve taken these steps.

5. Focus on Your Health, Wealth and Love

The most important aspects of your life that you should be taking care of are your health, the wealth that you accumulate in accomplishing your goals, and the love you can feel and give in your life.

To be abundant in these areas is to be living a successful and fulfilling life. Any other action that you are taking that is not ensuring the long term accumulation of these three aspects of your life should be stopped.

Simplify Your Life - SImple Living Tips

Simplify Your Life – SImple Living Tips – De-clutter

6. De-Clutter Your Life

Simplifying your life includes physical objects. Clear your desk of anything that is not immediately necessary. Only have one task on the desk in front of you at any one time.

Begin throwing things away that you no longer need or anything that no longer has any value. Old magazines, old files you’re storing, and paperwork that are just taking up space should be removed and thrown out.

De-clutter areas of your home that are filled with items you will no longer use, but you are keeping  because you believe that “one day” you’ll need them again. So many people like to hoard old items and find it difficult to get rid of useless things they no longer use.

Live a simpler life by removing these items from your life. Keep your life and home clean, simple, and pristine without unnecessary junk taking up your valuable space.

7. Seek Solitude and Silence

Your mind needs quiet and silence to be able to function efficiently. Leave the TV, music player, or anything else that is distracting you completely off. Leaving these things off will give your mind the space it requires to be more creative. It also give you the chance to discuss your goals and priorities with those around you. By leaving the TV on, all communication is halted or hindered, making constructive conversation extremely difficult. You can dramatically improve the quality of your life by removing the TV and other distractions from your work environment completely.

Each day should be filled with periods of complete silence and solitude. Remove all distractions and allow your mind to flow in solitude. You will come up with ideas and insights that are profound and significantly improve the quality of your life. Try it and see.

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