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Books are an integral part of our lives. Throughout history, books have been used as a convenient way to record and transfer information between people across time and long distances. Sometimes the information contained in books can damage the reputation of those in power, and hinder an agenda that can come undone if people became aware of it.

Banned books are usually used by totalitarian regimes who engage in mass book burning and censorship, but even free and open societies have banned books lists. The accounts of controversial events usually end up in books being banned, with content considered dangerous to the establishment kept off the bookshelves.

These are five banned books that didn’t conform to the mainstream narrative that most people are taught to believe. Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is far more difficult to ban books completely but important books that everyone should read are sidelined and difficult to get a hold of.

Even though hard copies of books can be suppressed, digital copies such as ebooks are much more difficult to control.

Even though the banning of books is not permitted under the US constitution, authors can be threatened and intimidated, with careers ruined by the establishment using is power and influence to suppress information.

Here are five banned books that everyone should read and be aware of.

5 Banned Books That The Establishment Doesn’t Want You to Read

1. The Phoenix Program – Douglas Valentine

This definitive account of the Phoenix program which was the US attempt to destroy the Viet Cong through torture and summary execution, remains sobering reading for all those trying to understand the Vietnam War and hoe it gave the template for the war on terror.

Though carefully documented, the book is written in an accessible style that makes it ideal for readers of all levels.

2. The Lords of Creation – Fredrick Lewis Allen

The author was a very popular author in his day, and this book is a very early account of the 1%. It takes us through the history of how these financiers have controlled the economy and enriched themselves in the process.

This history will help you understand where we are today and recognize that where we are economically has deep roots in history.

3. Blowback: America’s Recruitment of Nazis and Its Destructive Impact on Our Domestic and Foreign Policy – Christopher Simpson

This book tells the true story of how US intelligence organizations employed Nazi war criminals in clandestine warfare and propaganda against its enemies after World War II.

4. Underground to Palestine – I. F. Stone

A moving and unforgettable eyewitness account of the courageous exodus of Holocaust survivors from post–World War II Europe to the Promised Land, now expanded with Stone’s front-line reporting on the Arab-Israeli crises of 1948–49 and the Suez War of 1956.

5. Du Pont Dynasty: Behind the Nylon Curtain – Gerard Colby

From plans to force President Roosevelt from office, to arms sales to international warlords and the rising Nazi threat, to Freon’s damage to the planet’s ozone layer, and the covered-up poisoning of Du Pont workers, the Du Pont reign has been dappled with scandal for centuries.

Suppressed in a myriad of ways and the subject of the author’s landmark federal lawsuit, Du Pont Dynasty is an essential history of the United States and a must read for anyone who wants to be informed about how the elite operate and how pervasive power and money are.

As part of our best books to read archives, this banned books list is an essential addition to any well informed persons library.

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