Why You Shouldn’t Look for Ways to Make Money Fast

Audible Trial Make Money FastWhen you talk about money and ways of making money fast, most people think about selling drugs or other illegal activities. Although lucrative, they are not as easy as they seem and come with their own risks and difficulties. As an aspiring successful entrepreneur, you want to find out how to make money in a way that is sustainable, somewhat enjoyable, and legal.

When considering ways to make money fast and in a sustainable way, we are left with a few options. Before we talk about these options, its important to find out why you have an urge to make this money in a fast way. Its important to ask yourself a question. Why do I want to make this money so fast?

Are you impatient? Do you think your time on this planet is running out? Are you comparing yourself with others who have already achieved success?

If any of the above are the reasons why you are looking for ways to make money fast, you’re making a big mistake.

Reasons Why You Want to Make Money Fast

Now lets look at each reason and break down why each one is a serious mistake to make.

1. Impatience

If your urge to make money fast is because you are generally an impatient person and you can’t imagine yourself waiting it out and making money grow over the long term, there is some bad news that you should know about.

Any money that you make in such a fast way due to your impatience, will be lost just as fast for the same reason. One of the most important factors in making money is sustainability. The Lottery, for example, is not sustainable. Its a one off occurrence that is not going to be repeated (not often anyway), and most people who win the lottery lose the winnings rather quickly.

This is largely due to the fast that the money that is gained quickly and easily is not appreciated. If you haven’t worked hard for it, struggled to obtain it, waited patiently to develop the skills to find it, you simply don’t appreciate the money for what it is. When you don’t appreciate the value of the money that you have, you spend it on things that you don’t need and things that don’t give you anything other than momentary pleasures.

Waiting patiently may sound like a passive activity, but that’s not the case. Waiting patiently is not about sitting on the sofa and waiting for your lucky break to come knocking on the door. Patience is about the understanding that there is money out there, and a lot of it, but you will have to work on yourself, develop some skills, and take massive action to find it and take it for yourself. This process requires self discipline, patience, and above all, perseverance.

If you’ve never been told this before, then its good that you’re hearing it now. By looking for ways to make money fast, you’re selling yourself short and screaming about your lack of self esteem and self worth loudly for everyone to hear.

Someone who is self confident knows that if they wanted to, they could choose a route to take, learn the necessary skills they need, and go out there to find the money. They would also know that they CAN do it, and this belief gives them the confidence to wait for the money to come in.

It is only those who lack in self confidence who look for ways to make money fast and then spend it frivolously because they don’t know when they will ever get it again.

By believing in yourself and your abilities, having the patience to acquire the money in a sustainable way, and building a system that makes money for you in a passive way, you can make money much faster that you are now, but you will appreciate it and hold onto it.

2. Your Time is Running Out

Mozart always thought he was going to die young, and when he met his unfortunate end at the age of 35, he proved himself right. He did achieve a lot in his short life, composing over 600 works, with his name surviving to this day as one of the greatest composers of all time. Researchers don’t know if he died due to a gradual decline in health (most probably due to his negative foresight), or suffered a sudden death, but one thing is certain, he didn’t think about how to make money fast. He was more focused on creating masterpieces that would survive his death.

If your urge to make money fast comes from your foreboding about a highly improbably event, you must understand your own irrationality. Surely thinking negatively will expedite your demise. Even if you believe that your life will be a short one, your primary focus should never be on the money. Instead of looking for ways to make money fast, think of ways that you can do something amazing or create something spectacular that will outlive your expiration.

This doesn’t mean composing great classical symphonies but it could, if you were so inclined. The important point here is the focus you must adopt to be able to create your masterpiece(s). You must shift your focus from how to make money, to what do I need to learn to become Mozart?

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Your symphonies could be a multinational multi million dollar business carrying your name. It could be art that will be sold and resold long after you’ve already met your end. There are many possibilities, but the key point here is where you are focusing your attentions. By focusing on creating something extraordinary, committing to learn and develop the skills you need to do so, having the patience to work through the difficult times, and persevering no matter what, you are sure to create your masterpiece and wealth will be an added bonus.

3. Comparing Yourself with Others

You are an individual, born on a particular day into a set of circumstances that you could not have controlled. Your circumstances, and those of the people around you, happened to you and affected you in specific ways to create the person you are today. You have made decisions that can not be undone (and why would you want them to be?) and the outcome is your wonderful self. Do you think there is someone else with exactly the same life circumstances as you out there? Yes there probably. The issue is that you are not comparing yourself to those people,but instead your looking at those who have had completely different lives to you, with different opportunities and circumstances that those in your life.

Why then would you compare an apple with an orange?

They are both tasty, but they are not the same thing. The apple can become the tastiest apple in the entire world, but it can never be an orange. And, to stick with same analogy for a little while longer, the apple would not look to the orange as a beacon of what is possible in its life.

Likewise, you should never waste a moment comparing yourself to others, but instead look for paths you can take, skills you can learn and develop, and every way you can see to improve yourself to reach your own full potential. Only you can determine your full potential, but if you are really honest with yourself, it is far more than you are giving yourself credit for now.

The person or people you are comparing yourself to or looking up to may have wealth, but their wealth or their success should not characterize your definition of success. Your success is for you and determined by you alone. It may far surpass that of the people around you, or it may not, but either way, competition or comparison is not useful for you. Only be in competition with yourself and find ways to be the best you can be each and every day. Learn something new every day and do your best everyday. This is the only contest you should be interested in.The battle between your successful future and your procrastinating, excuse making, and sometimes lazy current self.

Now that we’re determined why you shouldn’t be looking for ways to make money fast, lets actually talk about some ways to make money in a sustainable and constructive way.

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