3 Steps to Self Confidence – Improve Your Self Esteem and Self Image

What is Self Esteem?

Before we talk about how to improves ones self esteem and poor self image, its important to define them.

Self esteem is defined as the amount of respect and admiration one has for themselves. It is developed by ones abilities and accomplishments, and is purely controlled by the individual, although some people make the mistake of letting others dictate to them how they should perceive themselves.

Improve Your Self Esteem and Self Image

Your attitude towards yourself has a great impact on your health, the amount of success you achieve in life, and how happy you are. It affects every part of your life. You begin to develop your personality in infancy, and its largely shaped by the reactions to you by those around you, especially your close family and friends.

By assessing the reaction of others, the child builds their perception of their attractiveness, safety, intelligence, and how much they are loved.

Your level of self esteem and self acceptance is largely based upon how much you believe you are accepted by the most important people around you. How you treat yourself is determined by the attitudes that you believe others have towards you. When you believe that people around you feel highly of you and respect you, your levels of self esteem and self worth will increase immediately.

To have a high level of self esteem, you need to build up a strong foundation of self acceptance. Your level of self esteem is the best way to measure the quality of your personality.


3 Steps to Self Confidence

There are three levels to achieving high self esteem, and by developing certain habits and a positive mental attitude, you can develop a high level of self acceptance and personal confidence.

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1. Self Disclosure

The first step and the breakthrough point of personality development is the process of self disclosure.

For you to truly understand who you are and stop to think about negative events in your past, you must learn to disclose yourself to one other person.

You have to be able to externalize the things that are making you unhappy. By removing those thoughts and feelings and revealing them to someone who doesn’t make you feel guilty or ashamed, you will undertake in self disclosure and be on your way to developing a strong personality and high self esteem.

The Power of Self Confidence Self Esteem2. Self Awareness

The second step in personality development, following the self disclosure phase, is self awareness. The only way to share how you are truly feeling and thinking is to be aware of your thoughts and emotions.

When you can express yourself to someone else, who will only listen without commenting or criticizing, can you truly understand yourself.

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Self disclosure allows you to be more aware of yourself and as you become more aware of yourself, you start to see the goodness in yourself and you become more honest and objective about yourself.

This results in a more mature perspective in your personality, without the past and negative moments in your life affecting you any more.

3. Self Acceptance

After you have gone through self disclosure and self awareness, you will arrive at a state known as self acceptance. You finally accept yourself for the person that you are, your strengths and weaknesses, good and bad areas, with the normal deficiencies of all human beings.

You will become capable of looking at your thoughts and actions objectively, without the need to defend or explain. You now accept that you are not perfect, but overall a good person that you respect and admire.

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