Patience: Why Being Patient is the Secret of all Successful People


It takes a mature and wise mind to be able to contemplate and utilise patience effectively. To be able to be patient, one has to have a good understanding of what can be possible, if one just endures and keeps pushing. Children have a a lot of difficulty when they are expected to be patient. Anyone who has ever been on a road trip with children will know that they constantly want to know how far they are from the destination, although this has been remedied with in car entertainment to subdue their impatience.

A child’s philosophy is largely Epicurean, their main goal is to enjoy themselves in the moment without another moments thought about what the consequences of their actions will be. This foresight is only developed with experience and wisdom. If they want an ice cream, they will ask for one. If they want to play, they play. If they see a frog hopping around a lake in the mud, they follow it without thinking about the state they’ll get themselves into.

As you grow up, or as you’re forced to be more independent and self-sufficient, you learn about self-control, planning and patience. You learn that you can’t always have what you want, when you want it. This realisation is difficult for some to understand. Some people rebel and refuse to play the game. Some hold out for as long as possible and refuse to plan for the future and live purely in the moment of immediate gratification. But you all should know that this is not sustainable. Either your family have to be extremely wealthy to support you through your adolescent adventures, or you have find a source of income that allows you the freedom you need without taking up the time you would rather be spending enjoying yourself. The world of consequence and responsibility will come knocking sooner or later, and the sooner you realise that the better.

Why Being Patient is the Secret of all Successful People

The ability to put on hold some of the things that you would like to do or buy is essential if you want to keep focused on the goals and dream that you will set for yourself. If every time you make a bit of money you have to go out and buy the latest trends in clothing, you will never be able to invest in yourself and build that business you want. If you cant stop yourself from buying that expensive coffee from that overpriced coffee shop where that cute girl works, you don’t have that money to invest in your ideas and you’re simply making someone else rich. Patience and self control are essential skills, yes they are skills, that you need to develop if you want to live a successful life.

For us, the wait is the journey. The journey to get to where we want to be. The journey to build ourselves into the superhuman that we know we can be, the self-confident, unstoppable, goal achieving hero of our dreams and future. For some, the wait is unbearable. They simply HAVE to enjoy themselves NOW. They can not endure hardship. They cant endure NOT being the person they know they can be, and so they turn to other ways to gratify themselves in that moment. They turn to things that make them momentarily happy, without considering how their actions are hindering their chances of achieving their ultimate goals.

If anyone tells you that there is a way to make a lot of money and become successful without setting realistic and specific goals, without requiring you to have any patience and perseverance or needing to endure any struggles on your journey, they are telling you a bold faced lie and its a scam. Don’t listen to these snake oil salesmen and don’t waste a penny of your money or a second more of your time entertaining them. The hard truth is that there will be a lot of hard work involved, you will likely fail many times, and you will have to forego many immediate pleasures , and you will have to endure hardship like you’ve never experienced before. Do you still want to do it? Now you know why so many people give up. You should know, you will have many chances to give up along the way, so don’t give up just yet.

The fascinating thing about that is, that if success didnt require you to go through the challenges and the hardships, it simply wouldnt feel like success when you got there. Without any of these elements, no matter what you achieve in the end, you will not be happy with the outcome. Life is about duality, and without experiencing the hardships and the struggles, and form of success just wouldnt be sweet enough.

So in essence, patience as a success principle means that we have to put off the immediate gratification impulses of our childhood and remain focused on our goals and dreams. Rewards and impulses should be restrained and out on hold for as long as possible. Who wants to treat themselves to a $500 watch when they can wait and go for the $50,000 watch? Whats the point on going on a budget holiday when you can work on yourself and your business so one day you can go on your own private jet to a remote 5 star resort? holding off doesnt mean losing out. It means waiting for the best and enjoy whats good enough for you.

Until you’ve achieved your goals, you don’t deserve to go on a nice holiday, you don’t deserve a nice car, you don’t deserve a hot wife, or even hot running water. Ride a bike or a scooter, stay single, and take cold showers until you make it. If you have these luxuries now without having achieved any of your goals or having faced any real struggle and hardship in your life, you should understand why you’re not so motivated to make it.

In the modern world, especially the more developed western world, its relatively easy to get the things we mentioned above. As long as you have a relatively well paying 9 to 5 job, you can take a regular beach holiday or city break, buy some nice clothes and a car on credit, and have hot running water. But by having these things, you’re only making yourself believe you’re successful when in fact you’re most probably in debt on your house and car and your lifestyle is constantly making others rich.

Every time you go out to eat, go to a bar or a club, buy the latest gadgets, all on a credit card, you’re throwing your money away and locking yourself in to a life of mediocrity for ever. You ever have enough to save, you spend money on debt and things that cost you money instead of assets that can make you money and you’re living pay check to pay check. Only those who can put off these things will be able to make it over and above the rest. We’re not saying never go out, were saying wait until you can enjoy the truly luxurious lifestyle that you want, not give yourself the false impression of a success that is more like a house of cards.

If you were willing to struggle to achieve something, endure a month, 6 months, a year, 10 years of utter hardship in the pursuit of your goals, only then will you understand what patience is and only then will you be happy with what you achieve. This base feeling of happiness will make you unstoppable, and as you accumulate the small comforts we mentioned above, you will have an immense appreciation for them, and continue to build a life filled with more and more comfort, while at the same time never taking them for granted or letting these comforts make you lazy. Working and building assets that make you money, instead of things that just cost you money and lose value instantly is one of the key principles of wealth creation. And no, the house you live in and pay the mortgage for is not an asset because it never makes you any money and you end of paying more than double for it by the time your mortgage is up.

To have the patience to endure hardship, the patience to put off instant gratification, and the patience to know that your day will come, is an essential part of winning. But patience is nothing without perseverance.

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