7 Life Lessons Learned from Mayweather V McGregor

After watching the highly anticipated spectacle that was the phenomenally hyped fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, there were some key lessons that everyone can learn from the entire event.

This boxing match was against one of the best fighters the world of MMA has ever produced and the undefeated world champion of boxing who has been at the top of the boxing game for the last 20 years. Conor McGregor is an excellent talker, and combined with his skill inside the Octagon, he has risen incredibly fast from receiving welfare checks in Ireland 5 years ago to getting paid upwards of $100,000,000 for this fight. Mayweather got much more, somewhere in the region of $350,000,000. Both these fighters were and still are at the top of their game, and this fight was billed to be the greatest fight in history. It combined fans from both sports and gave a great boost to both disciplines. For fans of boxing and MMA, this was a great fight even if MMA fans were disappointed with the fights result.

With that in mind, what are the lessons that can be learned from this event? What can the average guy or girl take away from this fight, both the build up and the final even it self, to improve their lives?

7 Life Lessons Learned from Mayweather V McGregor

1. Patience is a virtue

In fighting, patience can be a very deadly tool. As we saw in the Mayweather V McGregor fight, patience won in the end. Fans of boxing will know that patience was also a tool used by the great Muhammad Ali, who would take punches until his opponent was tired and then strike to win.

Mayweather applied the same philosophy to his fight game, and waited for McGregor to attack with all that he had. For McGregor, who is used to championship MMA matches that are five rounds of 5 minutes, the twelve rounds would have been too much and after nine rounds, he was simply too tired to continue. Prior to the fight, McGregor had said that he would beat Floyd in under four rounds, and in fact his best chance to win the fight would have been in the first five rounds. But he couldn’t do it and Floyd rode the onslaught until McGregor was out of gas. Conor simply tried too hard and didn’t have the right game plan, and even if he did, his fitness levels simply didn’t compare to the 40 year old boxing veteran.

In sports, as in life, patience is incredibly important. Many people get patience wrong. They think it means sitting and waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Patience in sport means being prepared, being fit and ready for the moment when it arises. Some people can say that McGregor was lucky to get this fight and to get paid $100,000,000 just for one fight. People who know about him and his career know that he has been working relentlessly and he has ploughed through fighter after fighter to get to where he is, and if it wasn’t for his hard work and preparation, this opportunity would have never presented itself to him.

If Mayweather had opted to be patient during this fight, and not be able to compete with Conors fitness and ride through the power of his punches, he would have lost. You can’t just be patient. Patience is only an effective tool if it is used correctly, along with being prepared to the best of your ability and the total confidence that you can deal with whatever can be thrown at you.

Mayweather has a lot of experience, over 20 years, and he has faced countless opponents with varying levels of skill and technique. He knows how to play the game of boxing, and he knows how to figure out a fighter. He used his defensive strategies to bring McGregor to him and to make him deplete his energy as he tried to finish the fight early on. Conor simply could not and when Mayweather sensed that Conor was tired, he simply put down his guards and attacked. This was the patient strategy that he applied to this fight and along with his defensive skills and experience, he was able to finish the fight with composure.

To be patient means you have to be ready. It means you have to know where you want to go in life and you have to be ready when the opportunity presents itself. The opportunity isn’t going to come everyday, but when it does come you have to be prepared to take it and make the most of it.

2. Have a Goal

From the early interviews in Conor McGregor’s fighting career, he always said that he wanted to be in the UFC and that he would be a UFC champion. This was even before he had fought his first fight in the Octagon. He had a goal in mind and he knew where he wanted to go. Now it was up to him to work as hard as he could to get himself there. He trained hard, never turned down a fight, and talked a good game. He became an unstoppable force that was yet to hit his immovable object. People wanted to fight him just to shut him up. He got into peoples heads and made them angry. This made it easy for him to beat them, because anger simply clouds judgement. His championship fight against Jose Aldo is a great example of that.

Prior to his fight against Mayweather, McGregor stated that he had imagined being where he was now and getting the attention and the money that he was getting, and he was simply fulfilling his self perceived destiny. This self confidence surely helped him get through his doubters and motivated him to work even harder to achieve the goals that he could already see himself achieving.

Having clearly defined goals and firmly believing in them is a very powerful tool. Combined with patiently working hard towards your goals, there is nothing that can stop you but yourself.

Some people might say that McGregor was stopped when he got the lights knocked out of him by Floyd Mayweather in the tenth round, but they would be wrong. He was competing in a different sport with the best man from that sport. Its true that Floyd was the elder, but he is still the champion of boxing and Conor put up more of a fight than some of Mayweathers prior opponents. McGregor by no means came out a loser, even though he lost this fight. He still got a lot of money for his efforts and he will be going back to his very successful MMA career with some very highly lucrative fights in the works.

3. Believe in Yourself

Throughout the entire press tour, McGregor was undoubtedly the fan favorite. At every press event, in all the major cities of LA, New York, Toronto and London, the fans were firmly in McGregors corner (maybe less so in New York where it was even). Mayweather would face boo’s and hisses when he would speak and every time his name was announced. McGregor on the other hand would be cheered every time he blurted a smart or not so one liner designed at taking a verbal jab at Mayweather.

During the Toronto press event prior to the fight, the crowd joined in with McGregor by shouting “F*ck the Mayweathers” at the top of their lungs. Imagine thousands of people shouting that to your face as you stand in front of them. Mayweather may have been affected by this, but if he was he certainly didn’t show it. His response would always be calm and composed. He would smile and go back to his usual confident rhetoric. He firmly believed that he would win and told McGregor that the fans could not fight for him. He believed in his fighting ability and knew that words could not affect the fight in any way, unless he allowed them to. He is a professional, and knew that the fight would need to be promoted, but in the end his firm self confidence came through. He knew he had the skills to defeat McGregor and no words, whether they were coming from one person or one thousand, could affect that.

His confidence was not built on hot air. He had a track record of being undefeated. Opponents much larger and stronger than McGregor had come across him and he had gone through them. McGregor may have made more noise and ruffled his feathers more, but Floyd’s self confidence shone through. Nothing and no one had stopped him before, and McGregor certainly wasn’t going to be the first one.

4. Money is Important

Whoever says they don’t care about money, or money isn’t important to them, either doesn’t have any or they’re giving themselves an excuse never to have any. Money IS important. It’s important now and it has always been important throughout human history.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather certainly believes that. He famously said that some people accused him of only coming back to fight because of the money “and they would be absolutely right” was his response. Mayweather and his Money team are money focused. They don’t hide their ambitions and they clearly state that they want Money. They certainly get it too. Mayweather has not fought for less than $100,000,000 for a long time. His various investments, from real estate to strip clubs, are also money focused. He understands the importance of money and he’s not shy about saying so.

McGregor is much the same. Having come from a low income family, his parents were always concerned and stressed about money. Growing up, he saw them worry constantly, and he promised to himself that he would grow up and remove this burden from them. He certainly has done that. Will those who deny that money is important also deny the power of removing such a burden from their loved ones? Will they continue to say that money doesn’t make you happy? Mayweather and McGregor, along with their families and friends certainly look very happy in their amazing homes and driving around in their super cars.

You can either give yourself an excuse not to want money, or you can go and get it. Its up to each individual to make a decision on their own, but in this world, money matters. It matters a great deal. Money doesn’t have to be used for fancy homes or luxury cars. Money is a great way of helping other people. There are those who help others with the little they have, but who can help the world more? Your rich uncle or Bill Gates? Its clear that with more money you can help a greater number of people.

Money matters and your focus should be on how you can get as much of it as you can while helping as many people as possible, either during or after you get it. Money can be lost by making poor and bad decisions but you have to learn from your lessons and turn your life around, ensuring that you use your money wisely. There are countless people who can teach you how to make money, but by working on your own personal development and focusing on your goals, money can’t help but fill your bank account.

5. Never Give Up

No you won’t have another chance. No there wont be many more opportunities down the road. Your own personal and religious beliefs aside, lets presume you are only focused on success on this planet and with your current body, not in another dimension in another world and you won’t be able to reboot to try again.

On this planet, opportunities can be few and far between and when they come about, you have to jump on them and not let anything get in your way. If this is something you truly want to do, no one has the right to stop you. You HAVE to live the life that you want to live. You have been given the first opportunity, and that’s life itself. You have to use this opportunity the way you see fit and pursue your dreams.

Others may and will try to stop you, and its their choice where they want to apply their energy. Whether they want to focus on their success or try to hinder yours is a clear indicator that you are winning already but you certainly should not allow them to affect you in any way. In fact, it should show you that you’re on the right path.

6. Talk is Cheap

In boxing and MMA, there is a lot of showboating and s*it talking. Conor McGregor is the king of it and during the build up to his fight with Mayweather, he spared no punches. He threw everything he could, even as we mentioned, a few foul words along with the help of his fans. Mayweather didn’t back down either. Throughout most of the build up, he gave almost as much as he got in terms of words and psychological games.

This all changed during their last press conference. Floyd Mayweather showed another side to his character and why he is truly the champion. After McGregor had spoken, with his usual competitive vulgarity, Mayweather got up and gave a calm and composed victory speech. He took the time to thank everybody, as if he had won the fight already. He even thanked Mcgregor for being a good competitor. This undoubtedly caught McGregor by surprise and showed that in fact, Conor had in no way affected Floyds game. Even during the customary stare down, when McGregor was shouting at him from not more than two inches away, Mayweather remained cool, calm, and composed.

Floyd may have made Conor think that he had gotten into his head, but he was the smarter man and maintained his inner peace the entire time. He had his goal in mind, his belief that he could achieve it, and the patience to wait until the right moment to strike. This is what won him the fight.

7. Don’t fear the unknown

This event was a boxing match. Conor McGregor went into the Money Mayweather world and played their game by their rules, and he didn’t hesitate for a moment to do so. For a pro MMA athlete, boxing is almost a different language. There are similarities, but its an entirely different discipline. There is no ground game, such a huge part of MMA, there are no elbows or kicks, and no punches to the back of the head (although Conor got away with a few of those). Floyd may have been supremely confident, but he wasn’t willing to learn a entire new set of skills and step inside the Octagon. He was the larger draw so he didn’t have to do more than show up, but this didn’t mean that he couldn’t try something new.

On the other hand, McGregor did not hesitate to play. Its clear that money was a big motivator, but if McGregor was not the type of fighter to never turn down a challenge, this opportunity would not have presented itself to him. He was willing to try something new, put himself out there, and deal with the consequences. This takes a lot of confidence and self belief. Competing in a different sport, in a different country, against the 20 year reigning champion of that sport, should not be a decision made lightly. But Conor McGregor made the decision and committed himself to it 100%, never doubting himself for a moment. He went up against a giant of world sport and came away from it with a large amount of money, a massive amount of respect in the industry, and a new set of skills and power that he didn’t have before.

This is what can happen when you try to do something which at first seems daunting and out of your “comfort zone”. There are only two outcomes from taking such a course. You fail or succeed. Failure means there were lessons that you will take away with you to the next challenge and success means you can move onto the next step on the ladder. Both are wins and by trying new things, you improve the return on investment for your time.

As a huge fan of MMA, this fight was a great experience. It showed that rules can be changed, the people will get what they want, and anything is truly possible. Now we’re poised for the next big fight which will hopefully be a rematch against Stockton’s finest, Nate Diaz. Stay tuned for the lessons learned from that rematch.

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