How to get Motivated and Stay Motivated with Stoicism

If you are someone who is very ambitious, striving for a lot, have big hopes for yourself and you’re thriving to succeed, but at the same time you lack motivation sometimes, you probably want to know how to get motivated and stay motivated more in your everyday life.

You may be surprised that Stoicism can help.

Knowing how to get motivated and understanding how to balance work and relaxation time is something that bothers many people who are in the active pursuit of certain goals in their lives. To understand the right amount of work you need to do and how much rest you should have is missing the point of motivation entirely.

So how would a Stoic get motivated to start a project and keep themselves motivated throughout?

To find out how you can get more motivated when you are lacking the drive to continue your task will come down to the understanding of why you are doing a specific task in the first place. You need to ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. If, for example, you are writing a book, you should ask yourself why you are writing the book. What is the reason behind it? Are you writing a book to make money so you can buy more material things? Do you want to be validated by the accomplishment and success which would come from writing a successful book? What is driving you? This is where your motivation essentially comes from. The reason why you do anything is the way you can keep yourself motivated. If your why isn’t good enough, or it is based on the wrong things, you can easily lose that motivation and get stuck.

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It is important to challenge yourself as to why you’re doing something and be willing change the place where you are getting your motivation from to regain the drive to continue.

The best way to get motivated and stay motivated is for you to understand that your motivation needs to come from a source that is totally under control. The opinions of others, how much money you will make, and how famous you become from writing the book are all more or less out of your control You can not fully control how much money you make, you can not completely control how others perceive you and the notoriety you get. If your motivation is coming from one of these places, it is easy to lose it and find yourself lacking in it frequently.

When you allow others to dictate your feeling of self worth and success, you give them almost complete control and power over you.

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You need to be clear with yourself as to why you are doing what you are doing. The main reason you should be doing anything, according to Stoicism, is to develop yourself and your character.

In Stoicism, there are four cardinal virtues. Wisdom (sophia), Courage (andreia), Justice (dikaiosyne), and Temperance (sophrosyne). Stoic philosophy dictates that anything that you do in life should be in the pursuit of advancing your knowledge and understanding of one of these virtues. No matter what you are doing, you should strive to develop them in yourself and display them as often as possible.

These virtues are the only things that are under your control. You can control other aspects of your life to some degree, but in essence, most aspects of your life are contingent on others and external factors. Yo can not completely control how others perceive you, but you can control your temperance, such as your own self discipline over your emotions and negative actions.

In writing a book, you will undoubtedly have to develop your temperance virtues to be able to complete it. Your motivation should be to develop yourself with respect to a virtue and not for any material or external notoriety.

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Your motivation for doing anything in life, regardless of what it is, should be motivated by the virtues. To find out how to get motivated in writing a book, for example, you have to focus on the aspects of your life that would be developed when you write the book.

If you constantly get your motivation from an external source, you will never be truly motivated. Whenever you are lacking motivation, or you’re not driven to do something, ask yourself why you are doing it in the first place. Question your drive and discover where you are truly trying to get your motivation from. If its from a place where external validation is required, you will lose motivation at the behest of others.

Being motivated by your own personal development and the virtues you will develop as you carry out a task will ensure that you stay motivated and you will be unshaken by any external influences. Anything else you achieve from carrying out your task will be a by product of becoming a better person.

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