Finding Your Purpose – How to Find Your Purpose in Life and Work

Finding your purpose, developing the life that is filled with happiness and fulfillment, is a constant journey of trial and error. There will be successes and failures along the way, but with perseverance, you will discover how to find your purpose and live the life that you desire.

The good thing is, its never to early or too late to find your purpose in life. The best time to start, is now.

There are ways that you can simplify and expedite this prossess by taking the following steps.

You must be very clear about your goals at each stage in your life. Write them down and make plans to achieve them. You have to continually learn, grow and become proficient in your chosen field. Everyday should be a chance to learn something new, as well as a chance to develop a skill further.

In setting goals, you must have a clear vision of where you want to be headed over the next five years. This is long enough to have a plan, but short enough to allow you to change your goal if you so choose.

The best way to make a long term plan is to imagine your life being completely perfect in every way. How does it look and what actions must you take to get you there? Creating your perfect future is not going to be easy, but if it was easy to get, you wouldn’t appreciate it as much.

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In creating your perfect life, you have to develop short term as well as long term goals. In setting yourself goals, you have to create detailed action plans on how to achieve them and be prepared to work hard every day to get there.

If you think its possible for you to lose motivation, it means you have the wrong goals. In setting the right goals, you have to find ones that truly excite you and will motivate you to power through, even through the difficult times.

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Find Your Why - Find Your Purpose in LifeTo find your purpose in life, you have to give yourself the opportunity to have as many experiences as possible. You have to place yourself in difficult situations, situations that you have never been in before with people whom you don’t know. You have to observe yourself and how you react to different surroundings and people from different walks of life. If you were to stay in the same place for all of your life, you would undoubtedly become the same as your surroundings but not necessarily happy and fulfilled. You need to experiment and try new things to see what it is you truly want and the life you want to live.

By experiencing different aspects of your personality and putting yourself through difficult experiences, you see the depth of your character and you test the strength of your will. By seeing them for what they really are, and not as you think they are, you can make decisions about what you believe is possible for your life and how you want your future to look.

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Your life is too short and the opportunity you have been given is too great to be ordinary. Living an average life is living a life not worth living. What is the point of doing what others have already done? Sure it might be fun, but is it you? How can you know if you haven’t experiences it all? How would you know if you liked pizza if you had never tried it?

Finding your true purpose in life and living a fulfilled and happy life is only possible with extreme courage and self belief. You are not born with these traits, you choose to have them or not. By making the decision to find your purpose in life no matter what, you will drive through any obstacles and never give up in your pursuit of purpose.

You know that deep inside it will be worth it, and even trying your best to get there makes you feel the thrill of being alive. The progress you make as a person when you are striving to find your purpose could be reason alone to work hard each and every day.To push yourself to your limits and pass out exhausted at the end of it.

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If you are truly committed to living a life worth living, a life that you will not regret at the end of, an exciting life that if made into a movie nobody would believe is true, then you have to commit to stop everything you’re doing right now and restarting who you are.

If you are not happy with your life right now, its not you its your surroundings. Instead of trying to change your surroundings, change the surroundings themselves. The world is bigger than your street, your town, your city, your state or country. Its a vast planet of varied cultures and beliefs. You are not confined to stay where you are, and you can do as you please, regardless of what others want you to believe.

Take the steps today to change your surroundings, put yourself in difficult situations, and grow to find your purpose in life. Because if you don’t, you would have lived an average life and you shouldn’t have even bothered.

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