The Importance of Self Confidence – 4 Step Confidence Building Strategy

The Importance of Self Confidence

Self confidence and the ability to deal with difficult and challenging situations is the most important skill that you can develop if you want to become a successful entrepreneur and to achieve financial freedom.

Building self confidence, like developing any skill, can be done with the application of strategies that are proven to work and will give you the ability to face challenges head on and win.

Having self confidence can be related to being competent in certain skills that will enable you to find money and get money from the people who have it. It will allow you to build a successful business, sell a product or service, hire competent and self confident staff, market your business, and grow it consistently as you continue to develop more skills and abilities.

Some key aspects of confidence building are the commitment to being confident, not allowing yourself to drift into procrastination and negative self talk, improving your knowledge of different aspects related to your work, practicing what you know in real life situations, and constantly repeating this until it becomes ingrained in who you are.

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4 Step Confidence Building Strategy

Here is a more detailed break down of how you can build self confidence in every aspect of what you do

1. Decide to be Confident

You may think that the way you talk to yourself and think about yourself is not important, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The labels you give yourself and how you think about your life are key determining factors of how you act, feel, and perform.

Calling yourself shy, introverted, not confident, and lazy are all labels that you choose to give yourself as an excuse for not succeeding.

Some people claim not to be good at Math and therefore have an excuse never to try any calculations in their head because, according to them, they’re just not very good at doing sums. If, instead of giving themselves an excuse, they told themselves that they could become good at anything they put their mind to, they have to try to get good at math and anything else that becomes challenging to them.

Therefore the first step in learning how to build self confidence is to decide right now that you will be confident in everything that you do and you will face your fears no matter what they are. Choosing to be confident means that you don’t have an excuse not to try and you commit yourself to becoming self confident, because you owe it to yourself to be.

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2. Increase Your Knowledge

Knowledge is power and having more knowledge than those around you is one of the keys to self confidence. When you go into a situation ill informed, lacking in the knowledge to deal with any circumstance that arises, you will feel naturally less confident.

On the other hand, if you feed your mind with the latest information and the key strategies that the most successful people in your field are using, you will feel naturally more confident to deal with any situation that could arise.

When you are well informed, to the level that no one or very few people can know more than you, you will be prepared. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail so make sure you increase your knowledge and do so every day.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

This is the step where most people fail and give up. Its quite simple to say to yourself that you’re going to be confident, picking up the latest business books and self development programs to feed your mind with all the relevant knowledge, but when it comes to applying what you know in real life situations, most people give up before they even try.

For some, this could be the most difficult step. Facing real customers and applying what you now can be daunting, but the next key step in building self confidence is practicing what you know.

It is only when you apply what you know in real life situations can you see for yourself that you can do what  you have been preparing for. If you only prepare and never see any results, your confidence will be based on nothing more than your imagination. But going out and using your knowledge in the field will hone your skills, introduce you to more difficulties and failures, and over time, you will develop real self confidence based on your competence and increased ability.

When you start to see the positive results of your actions, you understand that you are good at what you do and getting better at it everyday. By constantly practicing, you can see yourself improving and with it, you develop more and more self confidence to keep trying. This is how real self confidence is developed and there can be no short cuts.

4. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

The Power of Self ConfidenceBuilding real self confidence is about constantly educating yourself, putting yourself in difficult situations, learning how to deal with them through practice, and building competence in that aspect of your life.

This process needs to be constantly repeated to develop real inner confidence, which means you know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Fake confidence is when people tell themselves they can do whatever they set their mind to, but they just don’t want to. This confidence is not based on any achievement. Real self confidence is based on knowledge, practice, repetition, and most importantly, results.

Without the results, there can be no real confidence. The good thing is, by following these simple self confidence building strategies, you will undoubtedly see the results and keep growing. The most important part is, don’t give up, no matter what.

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